Second Single Update! Jamie Walters

Erstwhile teen soap star and singer Jamie Walters is appearing alongside other obscure former teen idols like Jeremy Jackson, Eric Nies and, er, some other dudes who will test your pop-culture trivia knowledge (their use of the word idol is about as loose as your average Rock of Love contestant...hi-yoooo!) for a new VH1 show entitled Confessions of a Teen Idol. The show sports the tagline "Fame is a bitch. And they all want her back." So you know it's gonna be good.

Check out this interview with Walters on Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog for more info on the show, what the man has been up to since his fall from grace, why he has so many damn tattoos now, and why the 90210 writers didn't redeem Ray Pruitt after he threw Donna down the stairs.

Also, if you haven't, read the Second Single entry on the guy and download his hits "How Do You Talk to an Angel?" (with The Heights) and "Hold On."